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The Modern Bride’s take on the Engagement list

In the days of old, engagement list items were fairly static, but perhaps differing in quantity and maybe quality. You would see the usual tubars of yam, palm oil, bible and suitcases full of fabric.

Well, the modern Nigerian bride is not being bound by tradition. You can peruse the engagement list of a yuppy bride of 2013 and not surprisingly find the tubars of yam and the bible. But you may just do a double take when you come across “a white iPad mini”


Here are some of the items I have either seen on a list or heard about:-

Samsung S3 Phone
Louis Vuitton Bag
Louboutin Pigalle Shoes
Guiseppe Zanotti Sandals

It may seem somewhat mercenary or a shift away from tradition but I completely understand what these savvy young ladies are thinking. If, her husband to be and his family must buy gifts for her, it may as well be something she wants and/or will actually use. What will she actually do with suitcases upon suitcase filled with lace or Ankara (which probably wont be to her taste)? Why not get that gadget or handbag she’s been lusting after for months. I believe this is the thought process of the modern Nigerian bride when it comes to her engagement gift list. I know I’ll certainly be doing the same when the times comes ;-)


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Simply Kayo @ The Brides of Culture Exhibition

We are still buzzing over here in camp SK. Why you ask? The Brides of Culture Bridal Exhibition that took place 2 Saturdays ago at the Crowne Plaza Docklands. Being the first Simply Kayo exhibition it was bound to have a special place in my heart anyway, but aside from that, it was a success by all accounts. I’m thankful to the Brides of Culture team for putting on such a classy and relevant event and of course for allowing Simply Kayo to be a part of it.

So let me talk you through the exhibition (or at least our role in it) in what other way than through pictures.

One of my main goals going into the exhibition was that I wanted Simply Kayo to stand out from all the other vendors. I am very aware that our style, brand and values differ from most companies and I wanted that to be reflected in the tables and stand. I wanted attendees to get an impression of us straightaway and more importantly I wanted them to identify with us. So, to hear that quite a few people noted in their evaluation forms to the organizers that the SK stand and tables was their favourite thing is beyond rewarding (Thank God!).

I didn’t want a standard banner (although I don’t knock them, SK will still get one), I wanted something different and voila!

The table was packed with ‘stuff’; samples to go with our competition, wedding favour ideas, post cards, contact form, a vase with a pretty pink lily, a jar of SK Tips (wedding planning insight) and a bowl of sweeties.

Now for the guest table ideas; I wanted 2 contrasting looks; one traditional and another less so.

The white, pink and chocolate table is the classic me; all white base including the flowers with a hint of colour on the sashes.

The black, mocha and deep red table is vintage me and probably closer to ME me. I love the daring use of black and of course one of my current faves, the damask table cloths.

The team and I met some lovely people and thoroughly enjoyed Saturday. Thank you to all the vendors that made it possible. Look forward to more fruitful and fabulous exhibitions.

Fikayo x

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