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Decorating on a budget

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In the current economic climate, we are not all fortunate enough to approach decorating our event venues with a limitless budget. And so for the average person, here are some tips that I have found on beautifying your event venue with a limited budget.

  • DIY is your friend – get family and friends to help you set up and decorate on the day. Of course, you must brief them and do trials prior to the day so they know exactly what you want.
  • Research –  there’s a host of ideas and trends out there so utilise blogs, magazines, websites and everyday life for inspiration. Check out my homewares store inspiration picture
  • Hire – in order to DIY, you will need to hire items; anything from chairs, to sofas, to vases, you name it, it’s available out there (see http://www.simplykayo.com/sk/index.php/our-services/decor-hire/)
  • Choose a naturally beautiful venue  – this means you don’t have to spend lots of money making it look good. It very much depends on what you like, but if you’re anything like me and like high ceilings and a grand look, go for town halls. Alternatively, go for a really modern looking venue because they add their own touch of class as well.
  • Simplicity – don’t try and overdo it, as it won’t just take the budget up but it may not look cohesive. Key is to pull everything together.
  • Fewer flowers – real flowers are gorgeous but expensive so look at having less. You can achieve this by splitting your guest tables into 2 lots, half with flowers and half without (perhaps shorter centrepieces with flowers and taller centrepieces without flowers). Or you could use fewer flowers per table by not having the flowers as the focal point of your table decor (like this picture below from the Wedding Ideas website). Perhaps you could have flowers in just in some places, like the entrance or top table. You may consider not having any at all.
  • Fewer guests – fewer guests means fewer guest tables and therefore less needed of everything. However, this typically can’t be helped with multi-cultural functions.

Can you think of any other tips for decorating on a budget? Are you currently planning an event? Have any of my tips worked for you? I’d love to hear from you.

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