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Simply Kayo Centrepieces at AFWL Banquet at The Dorchester

Hey loves

Sorry it’s taken a while to get this post out but here it is. As you all know, Simply Kayo was an official partner and sponsor of Africa Fashion Week London that took place just over a week ago. The 3 day fashion show culminated in a fundraising Arts and Fashion Banquet at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel on Sunday 4th August.

The event was hosted by Nigerian business woman and socialite Princess Fifi Ejindu, and was in aid of the Georges Malaika Foundation.

It was a lovely night with a delicious 3 course dinner, great company and beautiful centrepieces by Simply Kayo. The ankara centrepieces were a nod to African print and the overall mission of AFWL. Check out the iPhone pictures below. What do you think of Ankara print flowers?

Muchos love

Fikayo x








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How to Create a Wedding Guest List that works for You


We’ve all heard about the nightmare a friend or family member has had with their wedding guest list. Be it the hours spent formulating the list or the drama finding guests’ seats at the reception. We’ve all heard these scary stories; so here are a few things to consider in order to make sure they don’t happen to you.

Will you be having kids at your wedding? If the answer is no then it is important to let guests with kids know quite quickly so they can make alternative arrangements for them on that day. There’s no need to worry or panic over this. The concept of a ‘no kids wedding’ is not all that new anymore and as long as sufficient notice (and an explanation if you feel it necessary) is given then most guests will understand.

Are there any family feuds you need to be aware of? Are there any disagreements that will require some ‘creativity’ when designing your seating plan? Speak with your fiancé and both sets of parents to make sure you have as much information as possible.

Note down the key people that you want to have there on the day and whose presence you would actually miss.

You don’t want to offend anyone but at the same time you don’t want to go over budget simply inviting people that you feel obliged to invite. Try and find a balance. Remember more guests means more money spent.

When designing your seating plan consider that people who know each other would like to sit together. This may not always be possible but having one other person on a table that you know is always nice.

Remain open to last minute changes; those people you’ve been counting on telling you they can no longer make it, well it gives you the chance to invite some other people that you were not previously able to.

If you have designed a seating plan and your wedding is by invitation only, do make sure you have a spare table or two for uninvited guests at the back. This is ultimately easier than the awkward situation of an invited guest bringing an uninvited guest and them having nowhere to sit. On your day you won’t want this kind of scenario so a few extra seats won’t hurt.

Finally, the key thing to remember is that this is your day; it should be a joyful occasion and when you look around you want to see genuinely happy faces of loved ones and well-wishers. Bear this in mind when creating your guest list. We hope these tips prevent you from having any guest list disasters and more importantly have a beautiful day with those you love.

Image by Lish and Lou Bespoke Stationers


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A nation of foodies!

I attended a wedding with my aunt and uncle a few weeks ago in Lagos. After a few hours, I commented to my aunt that I had noticed that at Nigerian parties, there is constant flow of different kinds of food. She replied saying, “Yes, without it, a party would be boring.” I said “Well, let me prepare you, when you come for my wedding in London, there wont be this much food” To which she replied, “Even if I have to bring a caterer from Nigeria for your wedding, there must be a constant flow of food.” I laughed then but it got me thinking.


Truly, at parties in Nigeria, food and drink pretty much makes the event. Let me give you the breakdown

-As guests arrive and are seated, they are immediately given bottles of water
-Following that, waiters start to take orders, and plates of food are distributed
-Then soft drinks like coke, fanta, sprite and malt start to make the rounds
-If alcohol is being served, bottles of wine, beer etc also come round.
-After the main meal, dessert follows – all types of milky, creamy goodness
-Then smaller plates of small chops begin their rounds – think puff puff samosas, spring rolls and musa
-Not long after that, cocktails begin to go round – chapman, pina colada, fruit punch etc
-Somewhere down the line, food like ofada rice, tuwo, amala begin to go round
-By now, champagne would have made an appearance on some guest tables
-Asun and/or pepper soup, fish and chips, BBQ chicken and chips will also be introduced into the mix (chips can be swapped with fried yam or plantain)
-Meanwhile, drinks continue to flow
-I even saw an exotic dish of salad with meat on skewers, king prawns and ribs served at a recent reception

So there you have it folks; Nigerian weddings are what people have in mind when they talk of ‘feasting’. In order to make this ‘feast’ a success and please this nation of foodies, a great amount of planning and coordination is required. From an event coordinator’s point of view, here is my experience of what is required for the feast.

1) Experience of vendors – the kind of feast I have described requires fast service. Guests at Nigerian weddings wont accept that the caterer is still frying or plating up, they want service NOW. So be clear that a particular vendor can deliver this for you before you engage them.

2) Ensure vendors attend a vendors meeting at the venue at the latest the week before the wedding – here you brief them on the wedding details, guest numbers, numbers they are specifically catering for, colours, expected arrival times etc

3) Arrive early on the morning of the wedding (7am) to receive your vendors

4) Allocate different spaces to vendors inside the venue and outside. We’ve talked about a large variety of foods meaning lots of food vendors, ensure those serving larger numbers of guests, and earlier are given more prominent/closer places.

5) If vendors are being placed outside, consider canopies being erected to protect them and the food from the elements.

6) It is essential to having running water as invariably there will be a need for caterers to wash dishes, cups and cutlery at some point during the wedding.

7) During the event, various coordinators have to be put in charge of the various food vendors, so that the distribution of food is kept under control and things don’t run out too early. For example, if a caterer has been commissioned to do small chops for 300 guests. They should ideally start by frying for 150 guests so that they have more for later.

8) And finally, prepare for the attitude you will invariably get when you tell some guests that certain foods are no longer available or not immediately available.

There you have it, a coordinator’s helpful guide to serving and pleasing what I can only describe as a nation of foodies.

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Moodboard Monday…The Asian Bride

Hi dolls

A casual browse of Pinterest turned into a bit of inspiration for this week’s Moodboard Monday. I was actually looking for another theme entirely but was distracted by this gorgeous image of an asian bride. I absolutely love the richness of the culture and how this is showcased in clothes, jewellery, accessories and decor. Feast your eyes on this my lovelies.

The Asian Bride

Fikayo x


Farheen Hussain via Pinterest
Afsheen Jamal via Pinterest
Ana Salim via Pinterest
Anujandra via Pinterest
Geetika Khanna via Pinterest
Stephanie Santacruz via Pinterest
Tariq Kieran via Pinterest

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Launch of Weddings by Harrods

Hello darlings

So last week was the launch of the highly anticipated Weddings by Harrods. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there myself but thankfully SK was well represented by the lovely Abena. It was a lovely evening; with great canapes, champagne and operatic style entertainment. The delightful Sonia Abrams, wedding planner for Harrods and organiser of the launch spoke about the gorgeous room in which the launch took place. It was a great opportunity to meet colleagues in the industry and by all accounts an enjoyable night all round. Here are the pictures, they’ll tell the story better than I can.

Fikayo x

IMG-20130228-WA040 IMG-20130228-WA041 IMG-20130228-WA032 IMG-20130228-WA035 IMG-20130228-WA025 IMG-20130228-WA029 IMG-20130228-WA031 IMG-20130228-WA018 IMG-20130228-WA019 IMG-20130228-WA021 IMG-20130228-WA011IMG-20130228-WA022 IMG-20130228-WA023 IMG-20130228-WA012 IMG-20130228-WA013 IMG-20130228-WA017 IMG-20130228-WA000 IMG-20130228-WA001 IMG-20130228-WA005

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Simply Kayo Likes: ABO London

Hello darlings

Today marks the first of our Simply Kayo Likes blog posts. These posts will feature all things, not necessarily event related but definitely luxury, that we like. We begin with ABO London. If you haven’t heard of this duo before then do read on…

Tell us what ABO London is all about?

ABO London is an ethical independent brand that offers luxury fashion and interior accessories in the UK. Everything is made in England. All our designs are based on original artworks made by Aliya. ABO London is pushing the boundaries between art and fashion and making art wearable.


What inspired you to start your business? How did the 2 of you come together to start ABO London?

We both had a passion for fashion and always wanted to start a business. We focused on accessories like scarves because they are so versatile and different, they can emphasize your style, protect you and be part of the outfit. We combined our various skills like business development, marketing, media, communications and other to create a brand ABO London.

In only 3 words describe what ABO London represents?

Ethical artistic luxuries.


Which scarf in your collection is your favourite?

I really like the triangle scarves as each has two designs in one accessory and it can be worn in so many ways and it is also unisex. There are guys who like to wear it like cravats around their neck under the shirt. Another favourite scarf is the large one from new collections. It even can be worn as a sarong.

Who would you love to see in one of your scarves?

I would love to see Kate Middleton, because the scarves are very artistic and elegant and that will match her style.


What plans do you have for ABO London in the future?

We would like to grow brand further on and create new products. Few months ago we added cushions to ABO line. We would like to be sold globally.

Where can our readers find you?

We stock at Wolf&Badger in Dover Street, Mayfair and Amaka just behind Oxford Circus. We also have website and can be seen on few online marketplace.


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Simply Kayo Profiles: French Made

Hi lovelies

I have been so excited to get this blog post out because frenchmade is a secret I can no longer keep to myself. Their cakes are so creative and inspiring, their dessert tables are fun and quirky and so much more, just take a look at the pictures below. We had a chat with Essex based Cake maker and owner of frenchmade, Lauren to find out more about them.

When and how did you come up with the idea to start your business?

I was born in Marseille, in the south of France. I started baking as aFrench Made-3
teenager and haven’t stopped since. Celebrating in style with good food
has always been paramount for members of my French family. So for me it’s
almost innate. I also worked in a bakery during my teenage years while
studying, so I learned a lot in terms of French cakes!  As well as being
quite creative, I’ve always been attracted to what’s fashionable in a
quirky way. For me, French Made has allowed me to combine it
all; tradition, creativity and quirkyness as well as my love for the
alternative/ shabby chic/ rustic/ vintage style.
I started making favours at my friends and family weddings and
Christenings. They are very traditional in France. You can’t really get
away with not giving one of them to your guests. Then I also did all the
styling 3 years ago for my sister’s wedding. Then, I did the same at my
best friend’s one. I fell in love the way you can adapt to the different
styles and themes.

What services do you offer?

French Made-70French Made is a London/ Essex based dessert table company. Our buffet
includes Anglo-French custom cakes, sweets, favours and styling.
We specialise in alternative/ rustic/ shabby chic/ vintage inspired design.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Walking around the street of London, especially the East end. Reading
wedding blogs and magazines of course, but also fashion, lifestyle and
music ones. My cakes and bakes are mainly French inspired but I have been living in the UK for 15 years, so I
learned to adapt them to the British public too.

What do you enjoy most about making cakes, desserts and favours?

Researching and adapting my creations to the chosen themes and styles. rustic_chic_cgpgraham_photography-86 2

Describe a typical day for you

The first thing I do is checking my emails and replying to queries. And
research, bake, create!

Tell me about your favourite cake you made? 

Definitely the first 3-tiered wedding cake I’ve created! It was a rustic
style one, my favourite! As flavours, my lovely couple chose a carrot
cake, a Victoria Sponge and a lemon and almond as the smallest tier, all
covered in smooth fluffy butter cream.


What advice would you give to someone starting up in your industry?

There is a lot of competition out there but make sure you find YOUR own
style and market your business to the right people.

What are your plans for the future?

Create more!


Where can our readers find you?


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