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The Modern Bride’s take on the Engagement list

In the days of old, engagement list items were fairly static, but perhaps differing in quantity and maybe quality. You would see the usual tubars of yam, palm oil, bible and suitcases full of fabric.

Well, the modern Nigerian bride is not being bound by tradition. You can peruse the engagement list of a yuppy bride of 2013 and not surprisingly find the tubars of yam and the bible. But you may just do a double take when you come across “a white iPad mini”


Here are some of the items I have either seen on a list or heard about:-

Samsung S3 Phone
Louis Vuitton Bag
Louboutin Pigalle Shoes
Guiseppe Zanotti Sandals

It may seem somewhat mercenary or a shift away from tradition but I completely understand what these savvy young ladies are thinking. If, her husband to be and his family must buy gifts for her, it may as well be something she wants and/or will actually use. What will she actually do with suitcases upon suitcase filled with lace or Ankara (which probably wont be to her taste)? Why not get that gadget or handbag she’s been lusting after for months. I believe this is the thought process of the modern Nigerian bride when it comes to her engagement gift list. I know I’ll certainly be doing the same when the times comes ;-)


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Top 5 Things to do once you’ve said “I Do”

Hello all

Being that it’s Valentine’s week, some romantic guys out there may have popped the question (congratulations :-D). If you find yourself newly engaged after Valentine’s day, here are some helpful tips on the Top 5 Thing you need to do to ease you into bride-to-be mode.

1) Tell your loved ones – no doubt you will be overjoyed to have your rock so do share that wonderful news with those closest to you


2) Set a budget – it is very important to know what you are working with so you know the scale of the wedding and what you can and can’t do


3) Set a date – this will allow you to plan your time


4) Create a timeline – this will give you a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done and when, all to help create that gorgeous day you want


5) Get a team of people you trust to help you – as they say “man is not an island” and you definitely cannot do it alone. Be it hiring a professional wedding planner or enlisting the help of organised friends and family, get a team on board.

I hope our 5 Top tips are useful for you and don’t forget to enjoy your planning period.

Fikayo x

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The beauty of Traditional Nigerian Weddings

One of our favourite wedding inspiration sites at the moment is http://www.nigerianweddings.org – we absolutely adore how these weddings and the happy couples are showcased. What do you think? Which is your favourite colour combination?

Nigerian-couple-wearing-trad-attire-19 Nigerian-couple-wearing-trad-attire-6 Nigerian-couple-wearing-trad-attire-4 Nigerian-couple-wearing-trad-attire-3 Nigerian-couple-wearing-trad-attire-1

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An Abuja Affair

As promised, this is the first of 2 posts on weddings I’ve attended in Nigeria recently…

So, myself and a few friends were in Abuja, Nigeria as bridesmaids to another friend that was getting married. Aside from the hard work (collecting money in uber high heels, constantly ‘flanking’ the bride, sweating from our scalps right through to our diva-ish tresses all the while trying to look hot) it was very interesting.

NB: Some of the terminology in the above paragraph was new to me as well, e.g. flanking – I was sure this was Nigerian slang for support until I heard it said by one of the TV commentators on the day of the royal wedding that one large monument was being flanked by 2 others. LIGHT BULB moment!

Back to the wedding; I’ll talk you through the 2 day extravaganza in pictures.

DAY 1 – We flew into Nnamdi Azikwe airport, just about showered and beautified and were off to the bride’s house to get her ready for the traditional engagement.

These pictures showcase the richness and beauty of the yoruba culture. I am in love with peaches and corals, so I absolutely adored her outfit.

The venue

When I say extravaganza, I really mean it – the venue holds 2000 people. This is not out of the ordinary in Nigeria where the 500 people weddings we have in England are considered small.

In between having fun and working, I slid my wedding planner/designer hat on and took note of the fact that draping is all the rage in Nigeria. I showed a fellow planner/designer some pictures of centrepieces and decor I had taken when visiting UK vendors and she was blown away.

The bride with me and the ladies in outfits made out of ankara material

And that was day 1, many mosquito bites and broken (or at least severely strained) bones in feet later.

DAY 2 – An abnormally early rise considering we pretty much flew into the engagement – 5am. I made sure to take pictures as evidence of my suffering

But I think we scrubbed up well. This was a DIY job – a collaborative effort between my bendy rollers, MAC and Bobbi Brown make up and my friend turned make up artist.

At this point we were melting in the limo. Note to anyone that will be in the bridal party of a Nigerian (or any subsaharan African country) wedding, make up does NOT last. It either melts or simply disappears off your face. So touch ups in the limo were a necessity. Oh and invariably, curls disappear and your hairstyle becomes an up do.

Unfortunately no pictures were taken inside the reception because we were too busy having fun but in words; it was fun, funny, big, delicious, embarrassing, hard work, musical, romantic, tear jerky (?), colourful and so worth it.

I’ll leave you to think about what could possibly have happened in there 😉

Fikayo x

Photographs taken by:

Atunbi Photography

iPhone 3GS

Blackberry (various)

One final impression – by Atunbi Photography


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